Arduino: USB Serial TTL Converter

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 * Arduino Serial Bypass - use an Arduino as a dumb USB 2 Serial Converter
 * This code makes the Arduino not interfere with pins 0 and 1
 * which are connected to RX and TX on the FTDI chip. This allows
 * the data coming from the FTDI USB 2 Serial chip to flow directly
 * to another device. Since RX and TX are labeled from the Arduino's
 * point of view, don't cross the wires, but plug the device's 
 * RX wire into the RX pin 0 and the TX wire into the TX pin 0.
 * Because this is a direct hardware connection, high baud rates
 * like 115200 are not a problem like they are with SoftwareSerial.
 * Credit goes to "ihsan". His original website is down at the time
 * of writing, but I found the text archived on:
void setup()
void loop()