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Installing Vanilla & Garden

Whether you're installing Garden, Vanilla 2, or any other Garden-based application, the installation procedure is dead easy:

  1. Download the package from GitHub.
  2. Unzip the package to the desired folder on your server.
  3. Create a database for Garden (named whatever you like).
  4. Browse to the folder in your web browser, and follow the instructions on-screen.

Troubleshooting the Vanilla 2 Installation

If you run into any issues during the installation, you may see the "Bonk" error screen. In order to get past this screen, you can uncomment line 48 of your conf/config-defaults.php file:

// $Configuration['Garden']['Errors']['MasterView'] = 'deverror.master.php';

Which will show you a more detailed screen of information about the actual problem you've encountered. Armed with this information, you can search the community forum for help.


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