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Beberapa spesifikasi konfigurasi OpenBTS

AsteriskConfig	Asterisk configuration files for use with OpenBTS.
CommonLib	Common-use libraries, mostly C++ wrappers for basic facilities.
Control	Control-layer functions for the protocols of GSM 04.08 and SIP.
GSM		The GSM stack.
SIP		Components of the SIP state machines ued by the control layer.
SMS		The SMS stack.
TRXManager	The interface between the GSM stack and the radio.
Transceiver	The software transceiver and specific installation tests.
apps		OpenBTS application binaries.
doc		Project documentation.
tests		Test fixtures for subsets of OpenBTS components.
smqueue	RFC-3428 store-and-forward server for SMS

OpenBTS mengasumsikan UDP port berikut

5060 -- Asterisk SIP interface
5061 -- local SIP softphone
5062 -- OpenBTS SIP interface
5063 -- smqueue SIP interface
5700-range -- OpenBTS-transceiver interface

Port ini dapat di atur melalui file konfigurasi apps/OpenBTS.config. Bagi anda yang baru pertama kali menjalankan OpenBTS pastikan melakukan

cd /usr/local/src/openbts-2.6.0Mamou/apps
cp OpenBTS.config.example OpenBTS.config

Edit file konfigurasi menggunakan perintah

vi /usr/local/src/openbts-2.6.0Mamou/apps/OpenBTS.config

Tidak banyak yang kita ubah, biasanya yang diubah adalah

# Network and cell identity.

# Network Color Code, 0-7
# Also set GSM.NCCsPermitted later in this file.
# Basesation Color Code, 0-7
# Mobile Country Code, 3 digits.
# MCC MUST BE 3 DIGITS.  Prefix with 0s if needed.
# Test code is 001.
# Mobile Network Code, 2 or 3 digits.
# Test code is 01.
# Location Area Code, 0-65535
GSM.LAC 1000
# Cell ID, 0-65535

# Network "short name" to display on the handset.
# This is optional, but must be defined if you also want to
# send current time-of-day to the phine.
GSM.ShortName OpenBTS
$optional GSM.ShortName

# A boolean telling whether or not to show country initials with the name.
$optional GMS.ShowCountry

# Band and Frequency

# Valid band values are 850, 900, 1800, 1900.
GSM.Band 900
$static GSM.Band

# Valid ARFCN range depends on the band.
# ARCN 975 is inside the US ISM-900 band and also in the GSM900 band.
# ARFCN 207 was what we ran at BM2008, I think, in the GSM850 band.
$static GSM.ARFCN

# Neighbor list
# Should probably include our own ARFCN
GSM.Neighbors 39 41 43
#GSM.Neighbors 207

Konfigurasi Untuk Beroperasi di 52MHz


# TRX.Path ../Transceiver/transceiver
TRX.Path ../Transceiver52M/transceiver

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