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OpenNodeB adalah aplikasi berbasis Linux yang menggunakan software radio untuk menghasilkan UMTS network bagi HP / modem 3G UMTS.


The software can be checked out with svn from the following URL:

To build the software, you will want to use the following steps:

1. OpenNodeB has the same dependencies as OpenBTS. They can be installed with Aptitude, and the that you have downloaded in the past will install the dependencies.

2. You will need to check out, extract asn1c-0.9.23.tar.gz, and make and install that.

3. Check out

4. Build this source code with the same commands used to build OpenBTS:

./ ./configure make

5. cd into the apps directory.

6. Create the configuration database with this command:

sqlite3 OpenNodeB.db "OpenNodeB.example.sql"

7. Copy the following files into the apps directory:

cp ../TransceiverRAD1/transceiver . cp ../TransceiverRAD1/ezusb.ihx cp ../TransceiverRAD1/fpga.rbf

8. You will need to go into the TransceiverRAD1 directory and run the following script right before running the OpenNodeB binary in the apps directory (opennodeb/apps/):


9. Run OpenNodeB with:

sudo ./OpenNodeB


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