Penggunaan driver Windows dengan ndiswrapper

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without going through the whole troubleshooting procedure (which you might want to try), There are three GUI tools that worked for me on a problematic wireless adapter (not realtek). Maybe worth a try...

1) Ran Jockey (AKA "Hardware Drivers") and if it offers a driver, install it.

2) Ran Synaptic to install ndisgtk, then ran ndisgtk (AKA "Windows Wireless..." and installed the ndiswrapper with that.

{the only tricky thing here was I DID need to tell ndisgtk where to find the correct .inf/.sys driver files which means I had to figure out which ones were correct, make sure they were on my system, and then point to their location.}

3) Ran Synaptic to install or reinstall modemmanager.


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