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SafeSquid detects and blocks malware at the web-gateway much before it can reach the users. SafeSquid protects users from fraudulent web-sites, web-applications, and security breaches.

Use SafeSquid’s categorized database of over 18 Million web-sites to control access and enhance productivity. SafeSquid provides strong prevention of inappropriate content like pornography. Its real-time image and text analysers can detect inappropriate content and prevent access.

You can create granular policies for individual users, or user-groups on the basis of their IP addresses or Microsoft® AD / OpenLDAP membership. These policies could be for controlling web-applications like Instant Messengers, FaceBook, Google Search, YouTube, etc. These policies can also cover downloads of unwanted software, and upload of content. SafeSquid applies very granular Internet access policies at gateway level, and ensures profiled Internet access to users. You can thus totally prevent abuse of your Internet resources, and enhance productivity.

SafeSquid enhances the users’ overall Internet experience, by caching frequently accessed content, and pre-fetching immediately required content.

SafeSquid provides forensics friendly Internet usage logs, to trace any misuse of Internet resources.


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