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The SiLK analysis suite is a collection of command-line tools for processing SiLK Flow records created by the SiLK packing system. These tools read binary files containing SiLK Flow records and partition, sort, and count these records. The most important analysis tool is rwfilter, an application for querying the central data repository for SiLK Flow records that satisfy a set of filtering options. The tools are intended to be combined in various ways to perform an analysis task. A typical analysis uses UNIX pipes and intermediate data files to share data between invocations of the tools.

The Analysts' Handbook: Using SiLK for Network Traffic Analysis (available above) gives a tutorial on the tools and describes using them for analysis.

Each tool is distributed with its own UNIX manual page (available through the links below). In addition, all the manual pages are available in a singe document: The SiLK Reference Guide (available above).

The tools, configuration files, and plug-in modules that make up the analysis tools are listed below, roughly grouped by functionality.


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