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ICT Watch is a non-profit civil society institution legally established in 2002 at Jakarta, by a group of young people who sharing their common concern to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) implementation and empowering in Indonesia. ICT Watch focus on research and social campaign activities, particularly those related to ICT. In performing its activities, ICT Watch always cooperate hand-in-hand with other stakeholders who have similar vision and mission. ICT Watch is legally registered institution as a “partnership” by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights Indonesia under the name of Kemitraan Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi Indonesia (Indonesian ICT Partnership).


“Every person, without exception, has the right to access, produce, distribute and / or utilize any useful information for life through a variety of new media safely and wisely, without having a sense of fear and worry”


  1. Providing information to communities about the dynamics of ICT through policy research and publication activities
  2. Encouraging public knowledge about the benefits of ICT through education and communication programs
  3. Serving advocacy, recommendations and legal assistance on ICT issues for the community and civil society

Contact Info

ICT Watch
Perumahan Rawa Bambu I, No.B/10
Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan 12520
Email : surel @ ictwatch.com
Phone : 021 - 98495770
Fax : 021 - 7884 2014
URL : www.ictwatch.com
GPS : -6.29246 (lat), 106.83959 (long )


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