Kali Linux: How to fix Flickering in some versions of Linux on VirtualBox

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Sumber: https://medium.com/@gevorggalstyan/how-to-fix-flickering-in-some-versions-of-linux-on-virtualbox-822fb41a263d

Some recent versions of Fedora and other desktop environments run a version of Gnome that has Wayland display server instead of GNOME XOrg. This can introduce a screen flicker which is most noticeable on VirtualBox especially on macOS.

This is easy to fix. You just need to switch back to XOrg and make it your default display server.

Naive Approach

The naive approach is to select the display server from the log-on screen.

   Start the computer
   Select the user session
   Click the gear icon located next to the Sign In button
   In the dropdown select the option with XOrg
   Enter your password and Sign In

This is a per-user approach, which means each user will need to do that to fix the flickering.

Permanent Solution

A more reliable solution for all is to change the GNOME Desktop Manager configuration to disable Wayland.

This is a global change and will be applied to all of the users immediately.

  • open /etc/gdm3/daemon.conf
  • buang (#) WaylandEnable=false


  • Open /etc/gdm/custom.conf
  • Buang (3) WaylandEnable=false


  • under [daemon]
  • set DefaultSession=gnome=xorg.desktop

Save the changes and restart the computer.


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